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Johnson City to consider $350k settlement with construction company In this 2017 photo, crews work on the road project at the intersection of North State of Franklin Road and Indian Ridge Road. Johnson City Press In this 2017 file photo, crews work on a road project at the intersection of State of Franklin Road and Indian Ridge Road. Johnson City could pay $350,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a Bluff City construction company, which claimed that delays and incorrect plans made them incur added costs on a city project. During their meeting Thursday, city commissioners will consider a mediated settlement agreement with Baker’s Construction Services, which states that the city will pay $350,000 plus the cost of mediation. The agreement was reached without an admission of fault by either party. The company had initially demanded $1.1 million in a lawsuit filed in Washington County Chancery Court in August 2019. The dispute was ordered to mediation by Chancellor John Rambo, read this post here and the settlement depends on approval by the City Commission.


Headshot of Pharmapod CEO Leonora O It also operates an online retail service in the US. Think said that Pharmapod’s comprehensive suite of data capture tools for clinicians is valuable to its clients and will help Think’s ability to extend its digital referrals footprint. In September, Think acquired Canadian contract research company BioPharma for approximately $44.6m. CEO Sachin Aggarwal said that Think is going through an exciting period of growth and is scaling up globally to transform digital healthcare. “We see great synergies with Pharmapod and are eager to increase our offerings to our growing network of international clinicians.” The digital health SaaS went public last year after listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange in December 2020. Its acquisition of Pharmapod is subject to acceptance from the TSX Venture Exchange as an “expedited acquisition”. In 2018, Pharmapod raised €1.95m from the Canadian Pharmacists Association to help bring Canadian pharmacies into the digital age. The association said that Pharmapod’s platform was chosen for the investment because of its robust, intuitive and highly scalable look at here now qualities.


So Venture, VentureOne, and Spark Miles customers can earn and burn rewards on their travels.  For example, these cardholders can earn five miles per dollar spent on hotel bookings and car rentals made through Capital One Travel. Once these cardholders earn their miles, they also have the option to transfer their miles to more than a dozen Capital One airline partners to build up their rewards on favored airlines, although this feature isn’t new. In addition, unlike Hopper, the Capital One travel portal is available on desktop and in the Capital One app, and not just in an app like Hopper. In an interview, Matt Knise, Capital One vice president of U.S. card, said the company wanted to enhance the user experience of its longstanding travel portal by eliminating the need to open multiple tabs, and to give cardholders the security that the deals they have access to are the best available rates.  In that regard, Capital One Travel has the look and feel of an online travel agency, and not the clunkiness that you might expect. Capital One compares its flight, hotel and car pricing with travel sites such as Expedia and Orbitz and tweaks its prices “to beat or match competitors,” according to officials. Jenn Scheurich, head of travel experiences, said Capital One Travel bookers can have the confidence they are getting the best deals. We took the travel portal out for a limited spin, and saw flight and hotel prices basically comparable to big-name travel sites. On Kayak, as a means of comparison, there were several travel sites with names you probably never heard of that were offering lower hotel rates.